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Lisio : Let lisio translate the contents of Marne & Gondoire Tourism website and take you for a tour…

By clicking on the french banner on the right of the screen, you will access this particular website in more than 30 languages !

The option named ” Translation ” by Lisio displays all the texts on the website in the language selected by the visitor.

This option allows the owner of the equipped website to manage a single website combining multi-language translation and digital inclusion. Available in more than 30 languages, it can be combined with voice reading for optimum comfort and better understanding of the website’s content. English, Spanish, Arabic, Chinese, Russian, German, Urkrainian, etc.

Available from the home page of the website and on all types of device (computer, tablet, smartphone), LISIO-WebEngagé features are presented on a customisable dashboard that appears on the screen.

Let’s discover and play with words !

While waiting, why don’t you have a rendez-vous in a café … Or in one of the restaurants of Marne & Gondoire?

You would say with a delicate accent “Bon apétit…”, then and have amuse-bouche and Hors d’oeuvre… or something a la carte to taste our exquisite local products!

If it’s too déja-vu, why not discover our patrimony?

And buy a souvenir or something à la mode in one of the many shops of the  medieval centre-ville of Lagny-sur-Marne… or at Le Clôs du Chêne mall?

Entre nous, you can also experience one of our many events…

Marne & Gondoire, la crème-de-la-crème of touristic destinations ! Voilà !

#Excuse my French!